20 minutes of driving by Mobileye's camera-only autonomous car

Behold the power of HD Maps!

One interesting observation, they are not only solving for the 3D BBox orientation, but they are also scaling the 3D BBox and warping their safety-driver facing UI models. A long delivery is using the car model and getting super stretched out. :smiley:

Since Mobileye’s HD maps are created automatically using computer vision NNs and not hand-annotated, I feel like it’s more appropriate to say behold the power of computer vision. What “HD map” means in a Mobileye context is something very different from what it means in almost any other autonomous car context, including Waymo, Cruise, et al.

I noticed the bus turning into a “stretch limo”. Very neat. A benign error since the car doesn’t want to hit stretch limos anymore than it wants to hit buses.