Autonomous Driving and Regulations

Hi all.

We have been talking alot about the technical details of getting autonomous cars on the road. But one thing we havent discussed yet are the legal challenges especially in the United States.

Audi has a level 3 system that works pretty well for the conditions its designed for. Relatively low speed traffic (up to 37mph) on a divided highway. You CAN take your hands off the wheel and actually do something else, like reading. The car can predict up to 5 seconds ahead in terms of what the road conditions are going to evolve into (bar a reckless driver or accident)

This comes with its own challenges in terms of regulations and legality. Audi has said they will assume legal responsibility for any accidents that occur while the car is under AI control. But that still hasnt pleased US law makers. So where to from here?

Take a look at THIS article.