Autonomous Vechile reliability MA Project

We are a project team at the Royal College of Art, we are currently designing a solution to tackle the reliability and communication gap between autonomous vehicle systems and their users. We are aiming to design a level 3 autonomy trust feature in daily vehicles, which will very likely be implemented shortly (in 3-5 years). From our research, we realize many current autopilots or self-driving vehicles (Tesla or other brands with similar features) may not able to give a clear indication of the car’s intention when it is in self-driving mode or even sometimes may perform some confusing or unexpected behaviors. If you have ever experienced these when you were driving a self-driving vehicle, please kindly join us for an interview or maybe a small workshop via zoom, we are very happy to understand and hear your understanding and expectations for this upcoming feature in the automotive industry. Please kindly contact us via this email address:
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Sounds like a fascinating project!