Booming ADAS market: the dawn of autonomous driving revolution.

Hi guys, I run into this piece of research on LinkedIn. I think there are some useful data you guys might be interested in. I rephrase and copy some of it here.

From the recent survey on autonomous vehicles (AV), only 50% of customers believe that AVs will be safe. With this level of consumer skepticism, the industry needs a well-organized plan to bring autonomous vehicles to the mainstream market. The market growth in the Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) and the increased demand for Autonomous Driving Control Unit (ADCU) indicate that AVs are becoming major players in the automotive industry.

Vehicles with ADAS functions such as lane-keeping, collision warning, and adaptive cruise control have become popular alternatives compared to full AVs (autopilot). People still believe in the idea that “every machine should be controlled by the mind of a man.” However, from AAA’s survey, 84% of people using a lane-keeping trust the technology, and there is a huge 11.9% growth in the ADAS market each year, which is six times the average auto industry growth in 2020.

Many companies are looking at the specific market within the ADAS market is the autonomous driving control unit (ADCU) market. This market is expected to rise exponentially at a shocking rate of 25.7%, with the main driving force of Asia Pacific region market growth.


As the ADAS and ADCU market grows and more customers adopt the features such as collision avoidance systems, it will only be a matter of time before we can call autonomous taxis to bring us to Sunday morning brunch.

This is the link to the original post: ECOTRON on LinkedIn: Autonomous Driving Control Unit and ADAS Market Analysis: Future is