Comparing Progress on Tesla vs. BMW Self Parking

This video compares Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW at parallel parking.
It also examines BMW’s reverse mode that records the process of getting into a spot and reverses it to get out.

Regarding self-parking - How hard is this problem? How similar is it to self-driving.

The test of the two vehicles’ automatic parking systems was conducted by the hosts of YouTube’s Good Drive channel. First off was the 2019 BMW 330i and its Parking Assist, which promptly ignored the parallel parking slot selected by its driver. The BMW instead attempted to park in a larger space, though its driver eventually canceled the Parking Assist maneuver due to the 330i getting too close to the vehicle in front.

The YouTube hosts gave the 2019 BMW 330i’s Parking Assistant another chance, and this time, the German sedan detected the actual spot selected by its driver. Unfortunately, the 330i didn’t recognize the space as a slot for parallel parking, resulting in the vehicle performing a perpendicular parking maneuver instead. Thus, while the BMW successfully parked itself (technically), the end result was rather awkward, with the vehicle being perpendicularly parked in a parallel parking slot.

The Tesla Model 3’s Autopark test proved a lot smoother. As soon as the automatic parking sequence was activated, the electric sedan eased into the tight parking space, making adjustments as necessary. The channel’s host later noted that while he would have managed to parallel park the car faster if he was in control of the Model 3, the Tesla’s Autopark system moved in a manner very similar to a human driver nonetheless.

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The idea of memorizing how you drove into your driveway and reversing it is really cool. Will Enhanced Summon be able to reverse out of driveways?

So in conclusion… both are still worthless. :smiley:

(I got my first practical chance to test auto park in my 3 in many months and it would have presumably run over 2 pedestrians if I didn’t stop it who walked behind the car. I don’t think Tesla is using its pedestrian vision system yet just ultra sonics.