Hey lets talk about ROS?

For those who want to talk about ROS?


Interesting slide deck, thanks for sharing. I find it cool how much of an ecosystem there already is for self-driving cars.

Sensors – e.g. Velodyne, Ouster, and Valeo for lidar; all kinds of suppliers for cameras and automotive radar

Computing hardware – Nvidia for GPUs, GlobalFoundries for contract manufacturing of custom ASICs designed to run neural networks

OS – Robot Operating System (ROS), Renovo’s AWare OS

HD maps – e.g. lvl5

Simulation – e.g. RightHook

Data labelling – e.g. Mighty AI

As a startup, you can buy off-the-shelf sensors and Nvidia GPUs, run ROS, download HD maps, buy a simulator, and outsource your data labelling.

There are dozens of companies working across all the layers of the stack.

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I think this is like cooking.

You may have all the right ingredients to make a tasty stew… (Sensors, Hardware, OS, Maps, Simulation, Data)

But you still have to combine them in the best way to extract the most out of them.

So…what makes one chef better than another?


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Well now I’m hungry…