How many images have HW2 Teslas uploaded to the cloud?

pyraca on Tesla Motors Club said their car uploads an average of 142 MB per day.

My math:

~2.8 billion HW2 miles / 31.8 miles per day per car = 88 million days of driving

88 million days of driving * 142 MB of upload per day = 12.5 million GB (12,500 TB; 12.5 PB)

12.5 million GB * 90% of data upload for images (just a guess) = 11.25 million GB

1.18 MB per image * 8 cameras = 9.44 MB per 8-camera snapshot

11.25 million GB / 9.44 MB = 9.5 billion images (or 1.2 billion 8-camera snapshots)


On Reddit and Electrek, two Tesla owners report an average daily upload of 30-35 MB per day.

32.5 MB / 142 MB = 23%

9.5 billion images * 23% = 2.47 billion images (or 309 million snapshots)

So, there is a large range of uncertainty, even on the uncertain assumption that 90% of uploaded data is images.

Replace 1 still image with 1 frame of video, and these calculations still apply.

Does anyone have a solid source for how long it takes for a human labeller to do semantic segmentation for a single still image/frame of video?

I think this is one of those questions that would have an “it depends” answer. We arent privy to what tools or methods Tesla uses to do data labeling and I suspect those in the know might not be authorized to release such information. We could do a best guess, but thats beyond my ability to find :confused:

Here is hoping we have a fairy god mother. or Santa exists.