Scale AI shows off its data annotation tools

From a Bloomberg article on Scale AI:

It’s built a set of software tools that take a first pass at marking up pictures before handing them off to a network of some 30,000 contract workers, who then perform the finishing touches. Scale has attracted big-name customers in the self-driving car field, including Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo, General Motors Co.’s Cruise, and Uber Technologies Inc.

“It takes billions or tens of billions of examples to get AI systems to human-level performance,” says Alexandr Wang, Scale’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “There is a really big gap between the handful of giant companies that can afford to do all this training and the many that can’t.”

(I found that quote particularly interesting and asked Alexandr Wang for clarification.)

“Tasks that used to take hours end up taking just a couple of minutes,” says Wang.

Bloomberg Businessweek tweeted a series of video clips of Scale AI’s data annotation tools in action. Open the tweet thread in a new tab to see the videos: