The Tesla humanoid robot rumour

There is a very credible rumour (more than just a rumour, actually) that Tesla will be showing off some sort of humanoid robot at AI Day on August 19.

The most obvious application for such a robot is a factory robot.

But I have two wackier ideas.

  1. Mars construction robot. A SpaceX-Tesla collab to send humanoid robots to set up human habitats and life supporting infrastructure in advance of astronauts’ arrival on the planet.

  2. Supercharger attendant. A robot that supersedes the snake charger (shown below). It could use a humanoid hand to grasp existing Supercharger plugs. One robot could roll or walk around the lot, obviating the need to replace every plug with a snake charger. This could even be useful now. A robot attendant could be used to create automatic queue of cars at busy lots, with the robot switching plugs from charged cars to waiting cars.