Waymo One launches

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Video of the screen inside a Waymo:

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Still pretty quiet on the Waymo One front. Not much in the way of reports or videos from Waymo One users. This is the only interview with a Waymo One user or a Waymo early rider that I can find:

Richardson said he was generally impressed with the Waymo vehicle’s driving style, and he never saw any situations where the Waymo car seemed to be behaving dangerously. He initially told me that he saw the safety drivers grabbing the wheel on multiple occasions over the course of his four Waymo rides. But Waymo says their records show that this actually happened only once during the four rides. In a follow-up email, Richardson conceded that he might have misremembered.

Richardson said the incident he remembers most vividly occurred when Waymo was traveling behind a bus. Just after an intersection, the road temporarily widened to give buses room to stop at a bus stop without blocking the flow of traffic. The bus in front of Richardson’s Waymo pulled off to the right at the bus stop, leaving the road in front of the Waymo vehicle clear. But the Waymo stopped—perhaps expecting the bus to pull back out in front of the Waymo vehicle at any moment. After about three seconds, Richardson says, the safety driver took over control and steered the Waymo past the bus.

Richardson also said Waymo cars sometimes seemed to plan routes that allowed them to avoid tricky situations like unprotected left turns or freeway driving.

Positive anecdotes from a Waymo One rider: